Making Vehicles

Is there a tutorial for making vehicle models drivable?

i haven’t seen any but i think you have to make a script like the jeep and airboat have. if you want to do it in lua i think you change the type to Vehicles instead of anim. the lua part was from the gmod wiki but it is very incomplete with little details.

It’s not done in Lua, the engine handles vehicles. There is a very unknown side of the GLua universe that has to do with scripted vehicles, but almost no one has ventured there. You’re better off speaking to a modeler who can compile a QC file that will fit the demands of the vehicle.


Anyone know?

I tried just creating a vehicle script and using a explosive barrel model, and I got it in Gmod (It worked ;D)

But when I got inside my screen turned black, and when I got out all my guns were black, and it was like there was a huge show covering the whole map, skybox, ect. I could only see if I turned on my flashlight, and all I could see was my gun :geno:

It didn’t even drive or anything, just make noise :saddowns:

Anyone who knows anything about vehicles should write about it on the wiki :slight_smile:

Someone must know. Sgt.Sgt knows because he makes them.