Making vents

How would I create a vent? What should the wall size be and what should the vent material be?

I tried a couple other materials but they did not look nice and the vent size seemed off.

40x40 units, I forgot the vent texture’s name but it fits perfectly once you find it.

Thanks for the wall size. If any one knows the texture please tell me.

Do a texture search for “duct”.

Oh thanks.

Also a models/props_junk/vent001.mdl as prop_dynamic.

Make sure you give it a health value too, I’ve had too many times where my vent would be invincible.

Give the inside of the vent health or the thing that covers it?

No, it should work anyway. Isn’t the health built-in in the model or something?

let’s see


yes it is, which is weird because my vents don’t seem to break

The model should be “prop_physics” with the flag “Motion Disabled” checked.