Making walls explode!

I have been studying\working with hammer for quite some time. But I just cannot find out how to make a wall explode and some crashing down…

Can someone please tell me how to do that?

Could you expand what you mean?

You can do it 2 ways:

Make a PhysBox wall and a Env_explosion and a Phys_explosion

Make it a Func_breakable with the setting to explode when broken

Or he want’s it to be like in TF2, cinematic explosion.

Then go get 3DMax.

If not, use the above. (Benjojo)


Ceiling or wall?



There is no phys_explosion



When the wall comes crashing down It has to stay in the map. And not fade away…

There is a phys_explosion…i’ve seen it today.

I looked in entities, nothing. I even made a brush and press Ctrl+T I cant see it on the list.

env_physexplosion is what he means.

Ok, well I have tried that. It hasn’t given me what I wanted. I have used both ways.

try searching “wall” and see if any have animations to it


How are you making the wall?

Well, I want to to like explode in huge pieces and basicly just fall apart when it is trigged. I built a wall and tried it. Nothing, then I tried using clipping tool, and env_physexplosion and physbox. Nothing, the blocks were tiny and faded away.

I want the type of thing they have in half life 2 when you walk into a area and something collapses on you.

So…a stack of physbricks tied together with phys_constraint, with a trigger for the player, and a env_physexplosion. That should work. The phys_constraints stop the wall falling over till you need it to.

How about instead of using constraints you make them start with motion disabled? Enable motion and trigger the explosion when you want it to collapse.

Even though it is made by 3kilksphilip this is what you want.

I doubt that’s what he wants.