Making water go in waves?

For an SFM project I need a scene where a boat is being pulled around in a heavy storm. I initially tried cheating my way around actual waves by making a displacement with the water texture but it didn’t work very well.
There’s also func_water_analog, but that doesn’t work either. Both my solutions turn out that the water-brush is completely invisible.

Any way around this?

It sounds like you have a leak somewhere in your map. With water, you can’t have any part of your map lead out into the “black unknown”, the simplest solution would be to cover the entire thing in a block and make it hollow.

That actually reminds me, I’ve got a lingering feeling I do things wrong, because first I make a skybox-brush, which I turn hollow. I can’t remember if that’s doing it wrong. :v:

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And actually, despite encasing everything in another hollowed cube, the water is still invisible.

First wrong: Hollow.
Just ignore the Hollow tool.

Best way to have actual waves in the water is to author a new water shader. However, you can do a cheap workaround using moving brushes:

Note that it won’t have the physical properties of water though.

Well, water shaders and SFM don’t really make the best team. As for the other solution, that’s awesome, and it’s pretty much exactly the effect I’m going for but with larger waves as to make it more of a storm. How’d you make that?

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Actually never understood why the hollow tool is so bad. it doesn’t seem to cause any major issues?

It uses the same algorithm as the carve tool, and it is extremely inefficient. Just use 6 brushes surrounding the map instead.

I’ll see if I can dig up the old files, but it’s just like making an escalator (there’s a tutorial for that on interlopers) with brushes using water shaders.

Are you just looking for a really simple wave animation?

Here is a link to the tutorial mentioned above.

You could also make an animated model by rendering ocean waves in Max or something, then texture it with a nice animated refract texture. Of course it won’t have any collision though and you will have to animate the ship and everything else to match the wave’s animation.

This seems reeeaaally complex. How exactly would square blocks make for water waves? :v:
I’m terrible at reading between the lines.

What about something like this?

Like someone mention, making a wave compare to reality is best off making a 3D model of the waves instead of making a shader.

You have to understand that the shader doesn’t simply create the waves and apply displacement on the brush. Source is a bit behind from that kind of technology (Compare to UDK)

In short, just do a simple wave tutorial using 3ds max or maya program, export it into smd, and convert it into mdl. Simply create a nice looking material shader for the refraction/reflection effect, and there you have it. A realistic water that you wanted.

3D model would be the best way, render it as a clientside model so you can have your boat go through it, and have real water at the base level…

The Ship uses 3D water models, you could look and see if any of those suit your taste.

If he decides to use any of them, he will most likely want to re-skin them though. The textures on those water models leaves a lot to be desired.

this should be fairly simple, look at the older valve games like tfc, they had “moving” water in them but im not sure if the textures will work niceley with a source engine game (i mean take the water textures from the older games and edit them somehow) if that is even possible. i debut it.