Making "Wired User" connect to a Steam ID?

Could it be possible to wire “User?” to liink with a steam id, as in, instead of just using E, it uses it for a specific person?

Say I’m in a RP server, and have a money printer, if I set up User, it would take the money, but not give it to me. Could I use wire to make it so that It will, using my steam ID/name?

after reading this post several times i finally understand.

but no, i think that the user is meant for using buttons, it doesn’t account for a player.

i can’t say for sure because i haven’t tried.

We aren’t really the wire forums, so you might not get as much information out of Facepunch about it.

Sorry, where should I put this?

I dont think this would work, since the user is not a player. I guess the money is only given to a player. (if activator = player)…

I doubt this would work. It would likely put the money variable into the user entity, which would be quite useless. The user also has no input for this, and was made simply as said above, for pressing buttons remotely and such.