Making writing in hammer?

I know this is stupid, but I vaguely remember being able to make letters and such in hammer.

I’m genuinely not sure whether this is complete bullshit, hence the stupidity.

If anyone can shed any light on this, it’d be greatly appreciated.

The only thing i remember is some Letter Models…
Maybe you could get some Alphabet models?

I’m not sure that is what you want, though.
Other than that entity, custom textures, models, or brush-based letters.

Nah, I’ll just hand make them with brushes.

It’s no biggy.


Not how you use the word hence. Also I thought you were talking about something like this.

You could also design your own decals.



I think I need to redo the C’s.


I think I need to redo the C’s.

I spot intersecting brushes!

No you don’t… :ninja:

On the face. D:

I’m working on it now :v:

This is the best method. Using brushes to make text eats up compiler resources and looks generally retarded. infodecals are very cheap to render in comparison to a bunch of brushes.

turn that into a model with propper if you’re going to use it

That’s what I’m planning on doing.

The facepunch(ed?) face is very brush hungry.

Create text in a 3d modeler, extrude it and export it as an SMD. Compile it with studiomdl. It’s probably the easiest way to do it, and takes up the least amount of resources.