Making YOUR Dream Map: Requesting Ideas

Hey there guys, I have been mapping for some time but am no expert. I thought I’d start to make official maps that I release, but rather than make what I want, I want to make what OTHERS want. If you give me a map idea, and I really like it and think I could do it, I WILL make it. I won’t be able to take on many projects at a time but still. If you have an idea, post it below OR PM me and I can add you on steam.


a new version of downtown

I personally would really like to see some more/better Holiday maps (Christmas and Halloween only really)

Also maps specific for Cops and Runners game mode and Hide and Seek (Needs to be really good about not being able to get out of the map in one way or another)

Before taking requests, you should provide your portfolio, since we can’t really tell if you’re a good mapper

I think a port of Tony Hawks Underground New Jersey with a working train to new york and insides of buildings would be awesome

As stated, I am not a great mapper. I’m doing this for experience and fun. Not saying it’ll be a perfect map. Just getting practice and getting better over time :slight_smile:

who cares? He’s not charging anyone. Just needs ideas to work on his skills obv.

OP you sound try a driving map. There aren’t enough good one out there. Mostly just linear and blocky maps or roads that dint loop and you have to turn around and backtrack to drive more.

^ drivers heaven is the best by far, but not outstanding by any means. It’s average as the roads are fairly tight but the scenery is nice and the effort make it good

Do a prison map.

Option 1:

A large grid-like area (flatgrass size) with a big grid road network and space to BuildRP inside the grid. Maybe have a sewer system.

Option 2:

A shanty town RP map which matches the underground, illicit (DM?) style of DarkRP. (Downtown buildings are in too-good-a-condition considering the level of street warfare that goes on in that gamemode).

Option 3:

A map based on a cliff face with ledges and platforms to get around and shops and buildings in the rock-face of the cliff

Option 4:

A map made up of islands in the sea where each island has its own police department, hospital, few shops and houses.

make a big css map for 64 players

How about something sort of sci-fi? Like, a RP map or something.

A landscape on an alien planet with completely different vegetation, gravity and daylight to Earth. Maybe animals too. Something exotic like Xen from HL1 but good.


Casting couch rats? Lmfao that’d be win.

This guy has not followed up on any requests; I think this is a troll thread.

It’s only been five days.

That isn’t really a map to test your skills on. That’s like a year long project.

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Maybe he is trying a few of the suggestions out first?

Personally, I think a GmodZ map in the vein of some of the city or suburb l4d maps like Death Toll would be awesome.

Seeing Evocity or Downtown getting shoehorned into what would otherwise be decent gamemodes is unfortunate.

Additionally, it would give great experience with realistic proportions and architecture.

He’s not entitled to make it you know.