Making your own NPC_Combinedropship fly or holding up a combine container. (Console commands)

So with the new garrysmod i’ve decided to take a try to play this game again.
While playing and just looking at stuff on the spawnmenu i see that the other NPC’s are included.

Combine dropship, Helicopter, Strider, Gunship.

But sadly these NPC’s don’t do anything! They just hover around and they aint do anything at all. Or the strider doesn’t walk.

Now i did some interesting research on the Combine dropship. I started to open up the console command bar,
and started trying to make the combine dropship to fly a path and dropping off some combine soldiers.
Now i hope you guys know a bit of commands (cheats) for the console of the game so here we go:

Could the combine dropship drop off soldiers?

  • No, i’ve failed doing this, i’ve tried everything to make it to work but somehow it was not working.

Could the dropship fly to a specific path?

  • Yes it is possible to make him fly to your own new path_track you’ve created with commands in the console.

Could the dropship pickup a combine_container.mdl? (to store combine soldiers)

  • Yes, you can pick actually everything up but that will mess up the object and will not be placed right in the hands of the dropship… (The combine soldiers are not inside the container)

Then how do you fix that?

  • I’ve used a command so the dropship thinks he’s holding a container rather than he actually didn’t knew what for object it was.

Is it possible that the dropship can drop his container on a spot i want to make him drop?
Yes you need to make a “landing zone” to make him drop an object.

How do you do this? How can i make one fly a specific path? It would be pretty useful to use it for stuff/gmod videos etc…
Here’s how to do it.

  1. Choose a level or a map that is big enough to spawn the combine dropship.

  2. Spawn a combinedropship where you want it.

  3. Enable your developer console, there is what everything happens.

  4. To begin, you need to look at your dropship and press the console (~) key.

  5. Now give him a name with this command: Ent_setname (I will give it ent_setname dropper)

  6. Go to your spawnmenu and find models/combine_container.mdl and make it a name! (i will call it: ent_setname soldiercrate)

  7. Now when that’s done, you need to make your dropship pick up the container, to do this open up your console and type in: ent_fire dropper pickup soldiercrate (now if it’s correct your dropship will fly to the container and will grab it)

  8. Now when he grabs it, the container is all messed up and looks not right, to get rid of it type: ent_fire dropper addoutput “Cratetype 2” (What will happen is that the container will slowly rotates to it’s right place on the dropship)

Now he has his container all setted up but he still hovers around like a chicken. We need to create a path so he can fly where you actually make him want to go!

Making the combinedropship fly to a specific path!

  1. Use noclip (V) to fly and find a spot where you want him to end his flight.

  2. Now here is the tricky part, you need to open your console and type: Give path_track (the path is invisible so you wont see it) and than what you need to do is making the path a name. How? Look all the way down and press S so while flying with noclip you need to move a bit higher because the path block is actually inside your playermodel, move a bit up and open up your console again and type: ent_setname path1

  3. Now your ready to make him fly to that path_track by typing: ent_fire dropper FlyToSpecificTrackViaPath path1

  4. Congrats! Now your dropship will go to it’s path and will stop there where you’ve created you path_track.

How do i drop his container?

  1. Point on your ground and type: ent_create info_target; ent_setname landingzone (That’s where your dropship will land and drop his container off and do know that info_target is invisible too! You wont see it ingame)

  2. Now to make it drop his container type: ent_fire dropper LandLeaveCrate landingzone

  3. Now if correctly your dropship will land to that spot you’ve maked and will drop your combine container.

If you want to make him pickup his container just: ent_fire dropper pickup soldiercrate.

So why did make a thread all about this? and why?

I just felt i need to make this thread so others can use this, and gmod has no any commands to make a strider walk or the helicopter or the dropship.
What’s so useful about them if they wont do much at all? They are there in gmod but there is no any use of them than just rather spawn them.
I just wanted to somehow prove that you can do something to make them do stuff.
So no more dumb helicopters or gunships or dropships that just stands still.
I remember there was a VMF loader or some sort that was capable to do stuff like that. But now i don’t see it anymore.

I think it was always cool to make a dropship drop-off some soldiers or helicopters attacking your base.
But sadly they were already implanted in a level. Not that you could spawn them and making them drop soldiers or flying around in gmod.
I hope there will be a tool for this, really.
So i hope in the future it will be possible.

I hope this was useful.

Thanks for reading! And have fun!


Answer: Parakeets Pills

Thanks for the informative post. I’m going to use this info to try and make a lua controlled dropship with ent:SetName() and ent:Fire()

Nice! If it’s finished i really would like to try it! Would be great to use it!