Making your own server?

I used to be able to launch up Garry’s Mod and invite my friends to my server with no trouble at all, but now it just seems to not be working.

I have the port 27015 forwarded with TCP and UDP. Hell, I have ports 27000-28000 forwarded and still my friends are not able to join. They can’t see my server, and it keeps just saying client timed out. Are there any work arounds to this?

Probably a firewall issue. Can you join your own server?

^ in addition to this, the client timed out thingy is related to the recent issues with steam at the moment.

What router are you using by the way?

i had the same issue. i have a netgear router. the fix for me was to port forward 27015 and port trigger it too.

If you’re still using HLDSupdatetool, you’ll want to switch to SteamCMD.