male 8 skin for gmod 10?

I have been trying to make a skin for the model “Male 8” in G mod and i can not find the materials, how can i make my skin? :frowning:

Open the gfc source_materials

i have tried that :frowning:

whats the problem, the skin is there

i will take another look :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: found it, thanks! <3

his name is Sandro

  1. Get image editing software. (I prefer Adobe Photoshop, but there’s free alternative such as Gimp, Aviary, Paint Shop Pro etc. Don’t use Microsoft Paint, please.)

  2. Get GCFScape and VTFEdit. GCFScape allows you to view Source archive files located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps. VTFEdit will allow you to view .VTFs, or Valve Texture Files. These are what you want to make your skin on.

  3. Find and extract the texture you want. The textures for male_08 should be in materials/models/humans/male/group01. Citizen_sheet.vtf is the texture for his body. I forget the name of his face texture. Citizen sheet has 2 parts to it. The top part is for males 02, 04, 06 and 08. The bottom half is 01, 03, 05, 07 and 09. You’ll want the top part.

  4. Edit the textures. Do whatever you want. Draw a dong on the chest, make a beautiful masterpiece, whatever.

  5. Import the texture into VTFEdit and save it as a .VTF

  6. Place the texture, without changing the name, in the exact same folder you had it in the GCF file. Like if you want to make it for Garry’s Mod, it would be C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*USERNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials/models/humans/male/group01*
    It has to be the exact same folder path and exact same named file.

  7. Spawn male_08 in GMod. He should have your new skin, unless you did something incorrectly. If you want your skin to not replace the default skins, you’ll have to learn hexing. That’s a different story.

Hope this helps.

I’m not a noob, i have VTFEdit, GIMP, and GCFScape, and i know how to find my folders, i just did not know where do find the file, hate people that do this

You never specified you knew anything and I was writing that before anybody else posted. Calm down.

He never called you a noob, he was just helping, thanks for the tutorial