male 9 personal skin request

what i want is a male 9 playermodel/ragdoll that has a red shirt ,navy blue jeans, a black belt , and a gold buckle with the shortened version of my steam nickname Digitalfeared “DLFD”.
If anyone can make this i will appreciate it.


p.s. im looking for someone whos man enough to do this, or are each and every one of you little girls?

You might want to give picture examples of things for it so people have an idea of what your asking for.
And being insulting won’t get people to do it for you

ok i will upload pictures soon


ok here are the pics
take away the logo on the bottom corner.
but replace the T with “DLFD” standing for digitalfeared
remember its for the male 9 citizen

sorry about that


by the way i will make a garrysmod background to whoever makes this for me

Dragonhawk, doing this thread and this thread:

is a good way to get in trouble, hopefully not banned, but someone could easily decide to report you. The Nike shirt you requested, I am positive that a guy wears that in the old HL2 Mod: Day Hard.

The other thing, if you want normal looking clothes, I suggest PERPs evocity RP server, sometimes its hosted under exiled servers, but its the same joint. After you have played at that server, from when you start a new single player game, the clothes you got from that server should be under the second prop spawning tab after you press Q. You then have to navigate the folders, and make sure you select the folder all. Guys can now have emergency uniforms, black suit and ties, and normal clothes based on our RL for both men and women.

Theres a thing called the edit button, ya’know.

and that is where?


besides im looking for some one to make the vtf and vmt files for this because i cannot create enough detail. That and someone made this for jason278 so i thought some one could do the same thing to the male 9 model only with these specifications.

take away the logo on the bottom corner.
but replace the T with “DLFD” standing for digitalfeared

I guess you don’t understand how textures work. you have to find a picture of each clothing peice at a 360 degree angle. you can’t just give a link to a store and say “do that”. you have to do some work yourself and find good, hi-res pictures and have some courtesy, and not boss people around.

Also, if you really wanted the belt buckle to look like a belt buckle and have depth, you would need a new model. Otherwise it would a flat pancake image on the belt.

ok i have tried to do some work on my own but i cant initialize the files

ok i’ve done some work i just need the citizen_sheet_normal.vtf (this is the citizen_sheet)

I cant SEE whats in your documents, tightey.

Upload that pic to

Dude you need to upload the image.
To do so, go to, then go to simple, then click on upload, then select the path where your picture is located then when its uploaded click on BBC code and copy-paste the text that says there to here.

alright well here is my citizen_sheet or maybe someone can use the previous images i mentioned before(i could only copy/paste a bunch of pieces together)

thanks a lot guys i found someone who can make this stuff if you want to see go here