Male and female nude/base models with heads.

Hey there, folks.

This is a slightly awkward request on my part (given the context of the title), but I’m trying to find a pair of models to use for some concept sketches I’m wanting to work on. What I’m looking for are generic human/humanoid male and female bodies with no clothing or hair to use in GMod, preferably without any detailed genitalia, to use as pose references for the concept sketches. I’ve had a few design concepts running through my head for the last few days, and I’d like to sketch them out before I forget them. Unfortunately for me, I suck at actually drawing things in human form, so I’d like to use these models to grab screenshots of them in different poses so that I can properly use them as a base to sketch the designs over them.

I didn’t happen to find anything that resembles what I’m looking for on the workshop, so hopefully you guys might know of something I can use instead. Any help would be appreciated.

I think your best bet would be to look here

I took a quick look through both of those sites, and they unfortunately don’t have something I can use that either doesn’t come without detailed genitalia or has missing parts of the body for the few items that do come without detailed genitalia. The closest I found that had an option for the male and female body models without detailed genitalia were a couple of packs by someone called Nahka on that digitalero site, but those models didn’t have any heads.

I guess I could probably try porting a few of the Vindictus bodies without any gear into GMod to use temporarily, but my past attempts have yielded some rather broken results.

Here are some.

Male (has a twong)


PAC3 comes with a male and female base body, the male one has no head though.
But there’s no detailed genitalia.

you can’t decompile something from sfmlab? i mean you gotta model/convert anyway. just remove the dirty bits and fill the gaps. you get raw source material tho.

Current industry standard for those that need a base but don’t want to sculpt in zbrush.

Fully rigged and almost all quads with tons of sliders.

I’ve always had a bad experience with porting and/or converting ragdolls from SFM over to GMod, so I’m afraid not. If it weren’t for the fact that something constantly seems to break on me during the process (which usually seems to be the rigging, even when I didn’t even touch it), I probably would have done that yesterday.

I’ll give this program another try in hopes that it might actually run on my system this time. The last time I attempted using this program, it kept pulling an auto-CTD on me without any error or crash logs.