Male Models stuck in T-Pose?

I got a new model pack called “Rusty’s Model Pack” and it seemed right after that ONLY my male NPCs are stuck in T-Pose no matter what weapon they’re holding. This goes for all NPCs and all NPC groups. Female NPCs work fine. It’s only the males taht don’t work. Any suggestions?


Are you saying I’m the only person who’s EVER had this error??? I’ve searched and searched and can’t even find a spec of information on it…

Did you try reinstalling the pack?

i’m having the same problem i just downloaded a map pack, then when i spawned some npcs they we’re all stuck in t-pose, exept my zelda and zombie npc.

so how can we fix it?

edit: not only maps, also some sweps, reskins and tf2 weapons.

Maybe the npc’s don’t even have animations