Male04 Security Guard Reskin/Model

I’m planning on making a webcomic (I know, just like everybody else who posts here) and my main character is a security guard. This is integral to a couple of plot points and therefore can’t be changed.

I would really appreciate it if somebody could please take the time to create this for me. If that isn’t possible, the information needed for me to create it myself would be much appreciated.

I’m pretty sure this will require some modeling work as well as skinning. I will try to provide references to models in-game that have parts similar to what I want for my model. Maybe it would be possible to combine each part into a new model instead of creating one from scratch.

Reference Pictures:
As you can see, the pictures have some fundamental things in common. And damn that lady is sexy.

Male04’s head, obviously.

I was unable to find a high resolution picture of what I wanted, unfortunately. A simple light blue, long-sleeved collared shirt (like in the full body pictures above) with a tie. Needs to be tucked in. Also needs to have the patch of the security company on one or both shoulders. Perhaps “Security” across the back, though that isn’t important.

A similar shirt model can be found on the CS:S hostages. Unfortunately they aren’t tucked in and they don’t have any tie. I don’t have L4D but perhaps Louis’ top would be better suited.

The pants, as can be seen in the full body shots are a dark colour (not too fussy which one) and have a belt. The shoes are black and shiny (nice observation, huh?). A holster with a pistol in it (similar to one of the CS:S pistols) would be nice, but again optional. I managed to find a great picture of exactly what I want.

The pants and shoes are extremely similar to the Gman’s. Except that the top of the Gman’s pants are covered by his jacket.

I have no idea how much work this would entail and I understand my reference pics leave a lot to be desired. I did look extremely hard but couldn’t find very many high resolution images of what I wanted.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll look into it.

Thank you very much.

Finished it on Friday but I got banned so yeah. Here you go, hope it’s what you wanted. He uses bodygroups, so I highly suggest you get the bodygroup changer. You can take his hat and radio off with it. You can use console commands for that, but then you could only take one off at a time. With bodygroup changer you can take his hat AND radio off. :smiley:

Also comes with a prop hat and radio.

Wow, holy shit. Thank you so, so much for doing this. This’ll be great. Downloading now.