Male_007 - A change in espionage.

After a while of filming, scripting, and writing, kokopelli13 and i came up with a really cool idea for a spy series. We’ve put quite a few hours into this so here’s the trailer!

Also, if you think this trailer is good, why not download the wallpaper!
1920x1080 dimensions works on any monitor!


IMG thumbed the wall paper


Looked promising, trailer was a bit weak, both of the songs were really overused. I like the references to James Bond, however (Specifically Casino Royale). Aside from that, maybe a few color filters could have helped. For now, I still am interested to see how this turns out.

I also give you credits for being the first person to relate Male_007 to James Bond 007, VERY clever on your end.

The 3D tunnel intro style is overused. If there’s a tutorial on it then it’s safe to assume it’s not going to be unique.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had a few but I thought the trailer was wicked man.

trailer looks good.

and yes that was an original idea with the male_007

We did alot of work on the trailer, so we’re glad you enjoy it!

I love the name.

I too liked how you named him Male_007 and I too didn’t like the overused music.
Would’ve been cool if you made the walking in slowmotion instead though!

Looks quite promising i think!

I expected something really well done badassery, was badly disappointed

Then why post?

Pretty decent. :slight_smile: My only complaints are the walking is a bit fast. Just slow down the video a little so it looks more natural. There wasn’t really any story to it. Rogue secret agents alone wont grab my attention (unless the action is superb). The only other thing is that it may need a little more cow bell. Just my personal opinion though.

take off fail music + add actual spy music such as from splinter cell series + not being epic failrar = good new series

Because it’s the truth.


Thank you sir for making me want to go back to my comic series about james bond