Male_09 Family

Male_09 FTW!

Thanks to Bloocobalt for the SCIENCE Addon!

Oh, Yeah C&C Please

Have a rainbow

Male_04 kicks Male_09’s ass any day.


…You have no idea what the rainbow means do you?

Yes i know, optimimistic, Duh!

You have no idea what he implied do you?

Rainbow is supposed to be optimistic, but it is generally used as the gay rating.

By giving him an optimistic rating, he was optimistic and said thank you.

On topic, is female_09 the wife?

Another mistery of the life… (Creepy/Dramatic Music)

Poor refugees don’t have anyone representing.

I like the various stages of beardedness-ness-ness

Ah. Thought he implied something else, since I don’t really see the optimism of the picture.


No, it normally is used to mean gay.


male_0 fuckin 7 all the way, FUCK ALL THE REST!!

I quite like all of the males. the females I find to be very difficult to pose, but female_09 is undoubtedly the best.

Male_04 is so much better.

Rated agree.

I love Gary Sinise though. :frown:

(Not gay, but highly respect as an actor/person)

Who’s Garry Sinise?

An actor, hes is lt.dan in forrest gump, and also a character in csi:ny