male_animations (citizen animations for make playable in portal )

hi i request animations for male model because i wanna play citizen in portal but i cant find animations file.

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I’m PRETTY sure that it’s not new animations. You need to give the citizen a new skeleton. This is VERY stupid especially since you never even SEE your character ingame!

Except at the beginning of the game, and through multiple portals.

or if you make it third person

Unless it was specifically designed for Third Person, it sucks.

I wanna just change model to citizen because in my mod Player cant use portals.I wanna do this because when i play normal player from portal when i make map with weapons like pistol or RPG, PLayer dont have animations of shoot or hold Weapon.And i wanna make game with main hero citizen.

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You can pull the animations from the Portal/HL2 Game Cache File, or GCF. They should be listen under male_shared.mdl or something to that effect.

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