Males 1-9 with Red Snow Jacket

Hello. I would be asking if any model maker or anyone who can specificly generate or create a model for me and my needs. Here are some reference pictures.

The hood on the jacket could be un-hooded if it’s possible, but I would appreciate if it is hooded too.

For the pants, it could be some jeans or denim pants.

The shoes could be from the model of the citizen, or however you would like to generate it.

For the heads, it could be the models from citizens 1-9.

Finally, the hands could be un-gloved or gloved, your choice. I would like either one, either way.

I would appreciate if anyone could uphold and take this task for me. Sorry if I sound needy or lousy, I don’t know how to make this any more sugar coated.

Nice. I get the image of some sort of Antarctic researchers or something (“The Thing” poses, anyone?). Anyway, It’s not quite what you asked for, but the beta Odessa wears a big orange suit, the name of which I can’t remember. It’s the type you would wear on a fishing boat, but the top almost matches spot on.

What exactly are you planning with these models, btw?

I didn’t think about that beta Odessa, but I don’t think it will fill my descriptions. I will check out the model later though.

I was planning on doing some poses with them, but I’m currently developing a story for a comic I am planning. But I’m still in the stage of learning new ways to edit and pose.

check the missing information mod, they have Odell( beta odessa)

I was more suggesting somehow taking the top of his suit, not exactly the whole thing.

Ah. But I am no modeler or whoever can hex it off, or use the de-flatting the head technique. Always crashes for me. But I appreciate the idea of using the top of the suit. I shall toy with him a bit further though, in-game.

Yeah, be sure to find the Odell model. That is way better looking.
You’d probably have to DL the Missing Information mod, can’t find a model pack for it.

Actualy, there are some NPCs on that have the beta models.

I checked the Odell model, but it didn’t quite serve my needs. It doesn’t have that feeling like I visualized. But once more, thank you for the idea itak365.

It’s cool, bro. I’m sure someone will look at this, this is actually quite useful.

I’ve been pushing for The Thing models for a while now, it would be good to see some models that would fit the theme. Maybe EP2 Mossman’s coat can be hacked off. That was sure winter-y.

That can work too. Hack it off, and just simply re-color it. But I’ll also check it out.

Also, just incase any confusion, I would like the models to be Hexed. Just saying incase anyone out there puts up the task and starts it.

To be honest, I’m too lazy to do the unhooded version.

Awesome man. Nice work. It’s looks well done. I’m guessing you used Mossman’s jacket?