Malicious servers forwarding players to unsuspecting legit servers

I’m currently running my own server on a dedicated box in Chicago. Everything was working perfectly fine up until recently; It appears my server’s IP has been blacklisted for absolutely no reason! The server I run is vanilla and always running the latest dev builds. I’m wondering if it’s possible for malicious servers to forward players to unsuspecting legitimate servers to get them (the legitimate servers) banned? If this is the case I’m thinking it’s time to re-evaluate your server blacklisting procedures…

Server: RUST.TEHHEX.COM:28015 - Last Wipe 10/29 - Latest Build

Not that we’ve had the same problem with a blacklisting, but the server I admin on has had the occasional German player join (we’re an Australian based server) and in talking with them they claimed to have tried joining a German server and found themselves on our server. Happened every time they tried to join this other server, & I noticed a couple of higher than normal ping players joining and leaving quickly over the same period. This seems to have stopped for now, but we were definitely concerned that we would be blacklisted for this other fake server forwarding players to us.

The funny thing was a couple of German players really liked our server and wanted to stay with us, but didn’t know our IP or name since they joined through this other malicious server… I gave them the full client connect details but they haven’t been back in a while.

well, it would be an effective way for the assholes who were doing it for their own servers to kick up dust and make it harder to blacklist them.

and it would make a lot of people turn on fp, and potentially reverse the decision to blacklist through massive pressure from the community.

i’d suggest posting your details on the bug/suggestion website, and doing what you are doing in this thread; that way the team can investigate your ip.

your server providers entire ip range may have been blacklisted they did state they would do that if they had to and stated they warned the providers in advance. maybe thats what happened.

They should have the player count reported by legit steam accounts, 1 player per steam account connected. I don’t think most games have that problem of fake player counts etc.

And I wouldn’t put it past the fakers to be complaining here about it as if they are innocent and their hands are clean!..

it seems my server is blacklisted :frowning:
Do not create mirror
My server has not broken any rules

what to do?

Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. Except I’m not. The system in place for blacklisting servers is obviously flawed at the moment. Sure some people that are reporting their servers being falsely blacklisted may be lying, but I’m also sure a good portion of people are also not.

I don’t think that is targeted at you, but the reality is you cannot trust that everyone who says they are innocent actually is, especially when penalties are involved.

how many people say “why yes officer, i did just rob that man. would you like me to come to the station?”. you are more likely to hear “nah, he just gave it to me, it was a present”

Yeah, it’s a double edged sword. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be “Guilty until proven innocent”. The system is obviously flawed if all I had to do to screw any popular servers is point a fake one at them. Perhaps Garry should be banning just the proxy servers. In the end it would still eliminate fake servers.