Maltheus Crusader

Made these a while ago, and just slightly updated.

Face, finger and eyeposing. There’s no workshop link atm since gmpublish seems to mangle addons.

thanks to gurne and bones for the release pictures

WORKSHOP LINK: ports/releasepicture/childTemplar1.jpg[/t]
[t] ports/releasepicture/deadtemplars.jpg

They’re so creepy lookin’.

I was hoping for a modern combat marpat/acupat/mutlicam/flecktram full suite of attachments/goggles/gasmask/kevlar helmets version but default will do I guess.

That’d only happen if it was NinjaNub, ddok, or Bloo.

Well they could come halo dropped in a tank if you’d like :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re from Clive Barker’s Jericho, right?

Oh my, tentacles.


Yes. Honestly always liked the game.

Seems like downloads from the workshop work again.

I wanna see Jericho Squad

Not entirely sure I want to do faceposing for all of them. Eitherway, these are the meshes I still have saved somewhere. Oh and Simone Cole should be on garrysmod by -slow-

I like them