Malwarebytes blocking something in Rust

This is the log from malwarebytes
2014/03/01 00:10:38 -0800 TIMS PC User IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54932, Process: rust.exe)
So whats up with me getting this message? (it’s more annoying than anything else)

I did ask this same question on Malwarebytes’ forum, if/when I get an answer there I will add their response

Just a false positive, MB is notorious for being overly sensitive, even blocking IP addresses that avast and other av programs use.

Personally I would disable before gaming sessions.

here is the response I got from Malwarebytes:

It will be looked into. FYI Steam uses P2P to share data (especially updates) and as such, some IPs will show up as blocked but this will not affect your updates or gameplay.

Someone posted something before about MB blocking comms with an HFB IP

I’m the one that found the host of that IP, if it’s the same thread I’m thinking of. Looking this IP up, it is owned by, and, oh look at that, they host Rust servers.

I wouldn’t turn off my antivirus simple Do to the fact that servers can Give you a virus

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