Mama's Boy

Lol’ed so bad at the Spy…
But you are right, it does have too many bloom :v:
Posing is good tho.

Edit: No bloom! Yay :smiley:

I love the Heavy’s expression. “WHO IS LITTLE BABY NOW!?”

Posing looks a bit off on the spy and the demo in my opinion, and yeah the bloom is just a tad much. Otherwise, good work.

Demo took the cake for me. :lol:

Oh spy…

Spy thinks he has a chance…


Everyone know the medic took her.

lold at spy

The spy is indeed the best thing in this picture :stuck_out_tongue:

I tought it was going to be another generic ‘‘scout and his mom’’ screenshot. But this is great.

But mom I want to play with my friends

Lol the spy is just so fuckin funny.

The spy is fucking genius! have a funny.