Mamba Zamba's Navy Weapons Package

First of all I would like to thank following people for their support:
Cricket, Satyria, Kickasskyle, Yuri Kruchev, Aura (maGtOT)
Okay so basicly I watched some old german newsreels about the Kriegsmarine and thought well why the fuck aren’t there any Gcombat navy battles, so I thought about a way to change that. I came up with the idea to build a set of weapons that can combat any threat to a ship or submarine.
This resulted in following weapons:

Naval 20mm AA

Naval Light Machine Gun

Naval 150mm Cannon

Naval Depth Charge Rack

Naval Torpedo Launcher

Naval Mine

I excuse this small number due to the reason that I’m going to france today, and I’m going to stay there for the next 12 weeks. So I thought I’ll add three bonus weapons anyway.
I guess the package might get extended if it reaches enough downloads proving that it was worth the effort
Yeah well enough crap chit chat lets get to the pics:

An updated PHX and Wire recommended and the ownership of tf2, css, Gcombat, GCX and dod:s is also recommended (if I recall correctly I only used 4 small dod:s props on the 20mm).

Also protip: Always equip a css weapon for a crosshair while you’re inside any of the guns.

How to use: To activate the depth charge rack you press e on that lever on the right side, press it again to halt the deploying.
The torpedo launcher is kinda difficult to handle, maybe even dangerous to the own ship, but in the hands of an experienced gunner it pretty much pwns every ship you might come across, anyway to switch the targets you need to press e on that little box on the left side, to launch simply press e on that black valve wheel. I highly recommend to check if any vehicles on the carrier ship are marked red by the launcher, if they are, just keep on switching the targets 'till the enemy boat is targeted, I also highly recommend to tap the launcher tube once with the phys gun to activate the physical properties of the torpedo.
The mine is pretty easy to use, you grab it with your phys gun around those black fuzes around the top and simply drop it into the water. If the mine doesn’t rise up to the top go search it at the seabed and tap it with the phys gun until it rises up to the top.

If you use these as I said you should be fine and not blowing up your own shit in the end.

Download link:

Amazing shit you got here. I love the “clean” look you got over it. No jizz nowhere if you know what I mean. :v:V Congrats, you win some cake.

Wow, cool.

Aura should totally be credited for doing nothing. :3

About damn time dude

Also, I helped :smiley:

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I saw one i think. awesome

These turned out great, now all you are missing is a full size enclosed turret. ps is me Gabriel

k guys, see you in 3 months

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Adios! (I’m not Spanish, and I guess it’s kind of ironic that I say that but you’re going to France). But seriously, have fun and good stuff you got here!

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Awsom stuf heer.
I like those depth charges :open_mouth:

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wow dude, awesome shit here, and like saty said, you’ve got real clean look about them. good job on these.

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