Mamba's Artillery Piece Package plus Download Link

I used as less custom props as possible resulting in the contraptions looking very Oldskool which I like very much.
I spent quite a few hours designing the cannons so they don’t look too simple but not too overengineered and laggy, I always try to get the best looks with the minimal amount of props. The only artillery piece which looks abit flimsy is the Duel 20mm but in practice is quite sturdy (depens on how duplicator wants to paste it).
Enough bullshit chit-chat let’s get to the pictures :excited:
Group Photos:

Now for some closer looks
The Duel 20mm Flak 55

30mm Flak/autocannon

The pounderous 120mm Anti-Tank Cannon

The mighty 150mm Howitzer

Tactical suggestions:

The Duel 20mm

This is best suited as Anti-Air weapon mainly because of the great spread of the projectile
and high rate of fire. It’s fitted with an experimental Flak sight which is aligned to the field of vision of the seat.
Do not try to put the hostile aircraft in the middle of the crosshairs just keep them inside the block.
And also do not elevate the gun while firing or it will jump up and ruin your aim due to the great recoil of the duel 20mms.

The 30mm

Best use against hovering helicopters and slow flying planes.
It’s hard to hit because of the low speed of the shells and the slow rate of fire
but if you hit it will do damage to a plane in one way or another
It can probably even chew up light to medium armored targets if you
hit the right parts.
And also for this gun don’t try to elevate/depress the gun while firing

The 120mm AT gun

Highly precise and powerful. This is the best suited weapon to destroy heavily armored ground targets.
For a perfect aim simply spawn a CSS weapon (I recommend Desert Eagle) and press the key 1 on your numpad for camera view.
This cannon can destroy the most props with one single shot
There isn’t very much more to say about this gun exept that it is my favourite of the bunch

The 150mm Howitzer

Highly powerful and very large blastradius and a high arc.
Always hide behind things that are taller than the cannon (for instance the small freespace pyramids)
This cannon will probably destroy every contraption with a well
aimed shot
the only problem is that it takes long to get the right elevation for the gun

Setup Procedures video:

Because youtube quality is shitty please use the normal link and watch in “high” quality

Here is the download link:

Last but not least the svn links that might help

The gcx svn link:

The wire svn link:


(password anonsvn and username anonsvn)

The phx svn link: 

Have fun

Your Mamba Zamba :slight_smile:

Those look awesome, good job.

They look good, but the same material on all the parts looks kind of boring.

Awesome good job there i was just using them their great.

Hooray! Mamba didn’t copy someone! Great job on the artillery. Goldie.

I will make a quad 20mm tomorrow and probably a Nebelwerfer.
Keep the ideas coming

Make something that shoots something in the air, where the launched projectile then spams Vulcans.

That’s really good. Only downside I can see is that they use CS:S, which I don’t have :frowning:

I wonder if I can shove the howitzer up my ass.

Only the howitzer requires css if I remember right

Mamba this sucks. :slight_smile:

See i am an asshole.

You still get goldie.

These look nice

I downloaded these to see how they were. The 150mm needs some work mamba. Whenever you press + to make it go up it moves extremely slow for like half a second then won’t move up. Especially if you move it down at all.

It works perfectly fine for me. You can ask karbine and everybody who regulary visits edbergs server.
Maybe your wire isn’t updated or so

Bit stereotypical.

Really good Howitzers,
They own.

Where can I download the G Combat version you used? I’m interested in using that flak gun you used.

I can’t find the “svn checkout” option when I right click on my addons folder for some reason, even though it was there when I installed wiremod.

It’s the realistic GCX. It’s brilliant because the guns actually recoil and I was able to do some cannons that used that momentum to eject the shells. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds cool, but where can I download the latest version?

Only via svn :downs: