Mameshiba-Gaming - **Hardcore** Military Weapons *Rare*

Server name : Mameshiba-Gaming - Hardcore Military Weapons Rare
Server IP : net.connect

Plugins/Mods enabled : Oxide + Plugins
Plugins list:

[li]Admin help - Type /adminhelp to directly contact admins
[li]Bounty - Put bounties on peoples head for sweet revenge
[li]chat history - brings up the full chat log
[li]crafting controller - we have disabled crafting and researching of certain items
[li]door share - well we all know what this is :slight_smile:
[li]Economy - gian $7 per zombie kill and put it towards buying items (balanced) or even save it for a bounty
[li]Fixyourname - blocks people with annoying characters in ther name from joining
[li]GrassOff - Grass off simply forces grass off on people who join + the alpha banner but I have also tweaked it to force nudity since that really does make the game :wink:
[li]groups - create groups and be able to group chat
[li]KeyLoose - this is a new one where on death (close combat - sleeper stance) you have a small chance of losing your house key they key does time out on people who get the key but they still have a chance of getting into your house if they know where
[li]remover - if you have placed something wrong in your house we now have the means to destory it…be it a pillar foundation or ceiling we can do it now!

Hello everyone!

MameshibaGaming server creates the perfect sandbox for you to try survive in this post apocalyptic land, many things have been tweaked to make this as realistic as possible, items are a challenge to come by but when you get them it is extremely satisfying
(how the game should be) the list is to long to say how much we have edited but there’s a thread on our website listing all the loot drop changes and crafting changes made to our server.

Admins are dedicated on always on if for some strange reason one is not on I am always on steam on my phone to edit or try and change some things to the server I have dedicated alot of time into making this server perfect and have sacrificied alot of sleep aswell…I hope you will try the server and enjoy it as much as the current players do!

[url=] Website link]("[/URL)
Thread link

(currently have Asia timezone NA timezone east/west and EU timezone)

the only rules of the server are

NO griefing (I.e dont place pillars or build walls around doors…we have detailed logs now)
NO spamming (Do not spam about a hacker or some form of abuse ingame type /ticket “name” and make a ticket about it or directly contact an admin on /adminhelp
and the obvious one NO exploiting (Dont use cheats or exploit code to benefit yourself in game)…this is a given heh

(╯•ᴥ•) Revy Two Hand (╯•ᴥ•)