Man about to be executed with a shotgun.

Faceposing seems a bit…off.

What would you look like if someone was aiming at your neck with a fucking shotgun, knowing that in five seconds you got a hole the size of a golfball there?

I would look like constipated.

Generic, faceposing is awkward. Small picture(not much to complain about… but eh…) Also taking aim with a shotgun, that close? lol. He doesn’t seem to disturbed for the situation he is in.

Terrorist head - a little messed up.
Hostage Face - Very accurate, I think people are complaining because it’s a bit to bright there and the eyes are a bit too wide.

4/5 start pic. Good job!

Faceposing looks like he has a dick up his ass.

I’d look like this:


Looks more like he is about to get raped or is being raped then about to die.

:lol: I agree

From that range, it’ll leave a bigger hole than a golfball. Most likely his entire head’d get blown off.

Hes aiming his shotgun when he has his gun very near him?

Faceposing looks off, but camera angle is good

I guess

You would look like you are about to jizz in your pants? I wouldn’t blame you for jizzing in your pants, but man, what a weird expression.

That’s gonna be a mess, if you follow FEAR 2’s rules.