Man attacked by wolves - Scene-Build- TES:V ?!or Arcania-whatever like

So, this is my biggest scene so far.
It’s posed on “gm_flatgrass2008” and yeah, I fucked up the shadows. :wink:

Enjoy it ! :slight_smile: (or not?)


I like. Thought the dog-wolf thing needs more work. It just seems more “stickered” on than actually being there.

how did you do the water? this looks great

The lens flare is a bit overkill but it’s still an impressive scenebuild nonetheless.

if more games could look like this

without the hard to pose wolves

This is friggin great! Amazing work.

Arcania is freaking awesome, beat it in like 3 days though :frowning:
This looks more arcaniaish than oblivion, but the armor i think is oblivionish

it’s the leather armor with a hood from oblivion

Armor of Shrouds or Shrouded Armor or something. It’s the Dark Brotherhood armor.

Also, I didn’t even see that dog until I looked in the grass a bit more. It looks rather happy.


Finally, after several years of making scenebuilds I see the same picture as mine on the quality. Now that’s what I call a real SCENEBUILD. Good work Dressing, everything is great, but you should try to make another edit, try to make unique atmosphere for that scenebuild.
Two questions:

  1. Where did you find that water prop ?
  2. May I see your unedit scenebuild ?

I hate the desaturation, but the build is cool. Very nice job on the path/road.

The road seems like one prop and not a “build” but it doesn’t matter.
This is a winner!

At first, thank you guys for the comments.
I’m definitely going to reedit this. : )

@Caste, thanks! :slight_smile:
You can find the water in the “Pirates, Vikings and Knights II”-Content (I think so)

I’ll add some more detail screens of the scene today.

@kalixx1 the road is made of some insurgency props (resized)

Man attacked by Alsatians

E: Cute dogs attacked by some rude guy :frowning:

That is a pretty epic scenebuild right there.

see? fp would like this.

Amazing scenebuild and nice shadows.

The dogs look nothing like wolves though.

I agree with Joazzz, the desaturation is exaggerated but the scenebuild is great.

Damn… I was seriously expecting a shit pose when I came in here.

I was dead wrong, this is awesome.