Man backing up from zombies lurching for him

Hey not meaning to fart in your sleeping bag, go check out some of my latest poses, they're better than this, just disregard this peice of donkey dick

i can’t see any pictures :downs:

Refresh the page


Calm the fuck down. when the picture’s fixed, EDIT YOUR POSTS.

Good posing excellent use of the ZPS gibs.
[sp]If you say different your trolling[/sp]

good to see you learning some ingame postprocessing.

Better posing, you’re getting the hang of it. The overall atmosphere of the pose just doesn’t feel right, though.

Great Pic But the zombie on the far right looks posed kinda weird like hes just…well his arm is a bit weird. Great picture either way

the dof looks off and the angle is incredibly strange

I did use them but the blood is ingame.

i don’t think most people shoot their guns like that, they often try to aim first

zombies don’t really look like they’re lurching, they look more like they’re standing pointlessly

and bad dof is bad


i like how you tell us to “calm the fuck down” when you’re ordering us around.

He’s not shooting he’s walking backwards

from his over-the-shoulder angle, nobody can tell, you know. and his gun sure looks like it’s firing, in my perspective.

He doesn’t look like he’s aiming…
he doesn’t even look like he’s doing one of those badass psychic shots -.-

He’s not aiming.

It’s fine. Some of the zombies appear to be not moving, but yeah.

well you need to assume that us critics don’t know that. i had no idea if he was aiming or not. if you want a good picture, one of the things you should have is that the viewer is seeing the same thing as you are.

But it’s obvious that he wasn’t aiming.

Sorry about that, i was trying to make him hold a Double Barrel SHotgun but i got frustrated because it woulnd’t look right.