Man blowing the head off of a zombie.(First Person)

I am addicted to ZP:S

Everything except the Fancy lighting’s ingame.


I just realised you can see the shadow of the lampshade particle emmiter on the zombie’s head D:

Your first not totally retarded looking pose.
Keep practising mate your getting better.

The lens flare is a bit distracting, but this is still absolutely your best. Keep it up!

And how “bad reading”?

There is too much light (The car lights are a little big annoying) but the muzzleflash was nicely done and the pose is nice!

Ahh also the arm holding the shotgun looks weird. Maybe over extended?

It’s a first person model not a posed person.

lose the lens flare bro.


should not have told us that.

Well would you rather see a blocky, low-res model rather than a smexy phonged high poly viewmodel?

I was about to say the shotgun position was good until I read the thread. Muzzleflash is cool as are the shadows. Can’t help but think that there’s too much light though (the car light, the muzzleflash, the lens flare - it’s all a little overpowering).

Pretty good overall though.

I know mate, but you should have gone closer to the gun to avoid seeing the whole arm. Just a friendly advice ^^

Thanks for the advice

I would recommend you to use ragdolls even for first person perspective, download them if you need to but don’t use v_models, it just doesn’t help, and you could even get a better result with a ragdoll. (there are some with good quality)

Damn, this is most certainly you’re best yet! Nice work Deathbucket.

it’s a little too bright, but i actually like this one. simple, effective, and nice looking. 4/5

Apart from the brightness of the car’s light…


I apologise to use an excuse but that was actually in the map and my lighting techniques fucking exaggerate shitty spotlights placed in maps.