Man dies in safe room from starvation.

There is not much going on the pic, but I like the simple posing and the lens~ was well placed.
Maybe a little more work on the lights would improve this ^^

Maybe the inflator tool could’ve been used to make it look as if he was extremely thin.
Nice pic.

Camera angle is quite good although the picture is rather empty. It would be even more empty if it wasn’t for the ugly lens-flare, so I’m not sure if that filter is a good or bad aspect of this picture. Black bars are pretty huge.

Nice saferoom with a wide-open window.

could use alot more trash props and furniture

Even a dead body of someone or a Infected.

Mmm doubt it. The clothes would be equally thin. Wouldn’t look real.

Nice use of lens.

Couldn’t he…um, have just gone out the window or something? When I think of safe room, I tend to think of something that resembles more of a bank vault, as opposed to a medieval looking room with a huge opening.

Too bad he didn’t notice the half eaten sandwich just inside the night stand. :[

that lense flare is really bad.

That’s a Colt and a medicpack.

A bit strong yes. Not bad though. Would be ok if toned down.

Jump out the window, find food, profit

“starved men die…”
I rly like it! its remember a verse of So cold - breaking…

Well, yeah… but something’s gotta say he’s starved other than the title…