"Man Down! We left Thousand dead bodies to go."



Titles a little slapdash, but not really an important problem.

The pose itself is fantastic. You really are getting good at this arn’t you. I wish I could pick up decent editing so fast.

thanks. dude.

i don’t like the pose on the left soldier, He looks like pissing himself and relaxes instead of a really kickass situation with adrenaline rush through your veins

I really don’t get why would some kind of PMC’s would wear suit trousers and expensive shoes when going into a fight. Wouldn’t they try to dress in something comfortable if they know they’ll do a lot of running and walking and shit?

Simkas be quiet and do that dance that your avatar has.

yeah that looks pretty funny to do.

Try doing it, its hard.

This looks pretty sweet!

Odd. They look like security guys, because of the snazzy clothing, but yet the guy on the left is wearing a Marine’s helmet and they’re fighting alongside a tank.

thats some fancy looking picture you got there

damn nice everything
but someone shooting would make the picture better
everything is perfect though