Man Falls Off a Boat

This is me trying new camera angles, and overall trying to get better… everything.

My graphics are turned all the way up in these pics, so don’t whine.

Also, I know its construct, but oh well, its in a place you rarely ever, ever see screenshots.

I don’t like this one that much, but its a different angle.

>.< BTW I know about the muzzleflash, just pretend they go underwater, I’ll try to do better than that next time.

So, what do you think?

…did you think this through at all? when was the last time you saw someone fire a sidearm under water?
also the posing is fine but there’s no editing and the water looks horrible, at least turn up your settings a bit

Some pistols work underwater, what would you do if a pistol was your only weapon that you had when you fell off a boat, AND a shark coming after you?

The lake is way to small for a shark, but yeah, big improvement from your last pic.

Try a different map and different models, these are not the best and if you are using them for these tipe of pictures than they will ruin it.

Cool. Thanks.


Ok will do. Do you know any better boat/shark models? Or any models you see in the pic that you think could be better? Please supply a download link.

What amazes me is that a second after falling into the water, he had the ability to see the shark, pull out a sidearm, and pull the trigger.

how 5 minute…

Try using the fisherman model from HL2: Lost Coast
and maybe a different shark model:
I really am not going to search for a good map for this kind of pose because it would take endless hours and I would probably find nothing, but if you have the skills to edit properly than you don’t need a good map.

Doesn’t look like he’s in water; more like he’s falling through mid-air.

Its really cool i like it!

Eh, oh well. Maybe he had quick reflexes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you very much! More are coming soon, and they should be better and more realistic.


Ummm… Okay I can do that. I got the shark model downloaded now, and I have HL2:LC on my computer, Im downloading that now, so I should have some better models.

An improvement on your last one, I must say. The first picture is well posed and angled, although the editing is a bit dull. Personally, I’d have put a bullet tracer from the pistol to somehwere close the shark, as a line of bubbles. You should also change the muzzle flash. A splash and trapped air fromm the guy entering the water would be a good touch, but don’t go overboard on it.
Second picture, same things.
Last picture isn’t really good for this; the water makes it impossible to see what’s going on.

Average picture. Posing could be better, the man is too far from the boat and only underwater pics are interesting since we don’t see anything when camera is out of the water.