Man frozen by time in a forest.

Nothin else to say.

The scenebuild is pretty awesome, and the crow on the shoulder is a nice touch :stuck_out_tongue:

God damn time.

Nice build. That bird is going to crap on him isn’t it?

Medusa been up to no good again.

Why do you think he’s gray? :wink:

Ah point:)


How do you guys get the grass like that anyhow? All I end up with is a lot of green circles.


And what grass is it?

When you go into camera mode, it removes the green circles.

Type in grass in the search bar ingame and it will be one of the options.



Vacum is a harsh lover.

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The picture is very empty.

Interesting idea and well executed too.

I think that’s the idea.

What material did you use on the guy? Now I just gotta do a medusa pose :razz:

Its a ragdoll, not a material mate :confused:

I mean what material he applied to that ragdoll, maybe my post was a bit unclear.
OR are you saying someone made ragdolls with a stone texture on it?

Yeah the second.


Actually only THAT ragdoll, it was a personal skin.

I tought empty pictures are bad?


It could still be more focused on the guy.

I think this one is ment to be empty tho, I mean, what else could you place in?
(Remember the title is “Man frozen by time in a forest” it refers to one man).

There’s a difference between empty with scenebuilding and depth-of-field and equal space either side of the character, and empty with a blank CSS brick wall wasting a lot of space on one side of a picture.

I know that the picture is suposed to be empty and so on but it could focuse on the man and not the forest or the crow.
What I want to say is that he isnt really focusing on the man but hes suposed to be the main thing in the picture.
The left and the right are both boring and dont show anything related to the picture expcet a forest/grass.