Man gets eaten by zombies.

I wanted this to be dark, dirty and without hope. And it looked stupid with low-res zombies and a high-res model. Can’t seem to find any hi-res zombies.

I got inspired by the Nurse Dissection pic:)

** Daddy! That guy is kissing with a zombie! EWWWWWWWW! **

Hahaha, that … is … awkard.

The zombie is eating his mouth. The fleshy soft parts are the best:)

Fuck… ewww… nice

Posing is good, zombie kissing guy while eating his tongue is weird but well posed…

Maybe some darkish editing would make this look better.

He’s a fakefactory model, he deserves it

He’s fucked.
Whats up with his left hand btw?

Fakefactory or Juergen Vierheilig as he is called put’s a lot more work in his female models than the male ones. To bad really.


It’s the model. Not anything I can do about.

Alright, I love to inspire people to create sick shit! Nice pic.

It’s because he’s a talentless weirdo perv attention whore

why isn’t he eating his ass then…?
that’s the fleshiest and the meatiest.

Do I see some tongue there?

Maybe he works out alot and has a stiff ass :o

Ass eating zombies? It never occurred to me:)

Hmm… One zombie’s sucking on his fingers, the other one’s kissing him, and the third one’s grabbing at his crotch. This is awkward.

LOL Here I was, thinking that if one of the zombies where tearing his lips of, it would be grousome. I should have known better.

Where else can people deduce something sexual from it than here:)

MMM Give me some sugar baby OM NOM NOM

Could use a little more editing, but a good pose none the less.