'Man gets shot by mafia'

Here’s another pose I did. I hope you like it better than my other one.


And yes I know Breens arm looks a little strange. C&C Please!

Breen is a ragdoll with a crippled arm.
The weapon is idk strange.
The picture is extremely empty.
Smoke from the weapon is strange.
Blur is overused!

I dont like it.

I had no idea you could fail posing a dead body in garrysmod

I was proved wrong

wow… this is horrible I mean horrible!

How to improve:
Smoke should come from the gun.
A lot less blur would be nice
Learn to pose dead bodies better (Never said that before)
Took me a little to see where he got shot, maybe add a little more blood
If this is first person, then the gun is way to close to his head
Fill up the empty space with cars or something.
Choose better map

Thanks grog guy. I’ll do that next time.