Man, his woman, and his...tron car?!

Made the cars myself, if you want 'em just click on my profile. They come in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, advance dup. files.

Where is the car?

it’s the red and black thing that looks nothing like a tron car.

I guess it’s the indefinable red/black chunk behind him.


Oh no he rated me dumb


Holy shit that’s a reflective car.
Don’t recognize it though.


This made me lol so much:

No seriously Fear where is the car and what is a tron car?

I googled Tron Car and it appears to be this:


Well, it looks alot like the concept.(I mean, its red and black :v:)

seriously you guys wow.

Ohh that game with those vehicles that leave red/green lines behind them?
Pff I forgot completely about it.

The game TRON.
Don’t cross the other persons’ line.

Cars are here.

What are they teaching you in school!?

Sorry to disappoint you, but these look barely like the Lightcycles.

The game? Don’t you mean the movie?

That’s a car?


Lol’d at the face, lol’d at the fact you called a cycle a car
And lol’d at Santz’ Audi R8

And I :lol:

How about that MOVIE?

That movie that pioneered cg animation in movies?
what are you 12 years old or something?

Its fuckin Tron!

No, I never saw the movie, I saw the game on a flash like 3-4 years ago lol