man in suit kills civvie

c&C,and all the logic bullshit
that mofo is supposed to be bleeding


I’m so confused.

This should help you then

Well, for starters, it doesn’t make any sense. Who the hell are the guys on the floor, why are people acting in disgust when they should be scared or trying to help the man, and were you too lazy to actually shoot the ragdoll to show some indication that he has been shot?

Rating me dumb doesn’t help you.

Pretty good posing, but some simple editing would have helped a lot (blood, gunshot etc).

I agree on posing, but damn is it random.

normally after you hear gunshots,you get down.

So, are you telling me that the two guys on the floor were not hit by the bullet, but the bullet actually went through their bodies and hit the white guy in front? If so, why is the white guy on the floor with the black guy so angry?

Baldy with sunglasses gives me a CSI feeling…

Okay,the guy in the suit came with those guns,the guys got scared,ducked cause he was pointing at their direction.he looks mad cause he said “MOFO GET DOWN!”


Would it be so hard to just shoot the ragdoll to give him a blood splat, or to at least give any indication that he was shot?

(Also, what the hell is with the guy in the upper right corner, and the dude with the coffee cup? They don’t seem to be phased by the fact that a guy was just shot right next to them)

Guy with the coffee is obviously one of the bad guys, they have the same suits on.

oh hey I just noticed the old dude with the mug

he’s so hardcore he doesnt even give a fuck

Oh jesus

Did I start this Suited Man shootings

Maybe… but you can tell this wasn’t inspired by yours because you cant see any tie trying to fly away :v:

Someone wants to edit this pic, I wonder how it will look after some nice editing :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t put blood,he isn’t dead,he has been shooted by a water gun.

He’s so badass he just sits there with a coffee mug. Look, he’s so freaking awesome his right hand clips through the bench.

Or assuming that pale thing behind his right leg is a part of the hand.


I think it’s pretty nice, just needs some blood. I don’t find it that random.