Man in the forest

Make your own story for this one that i made four month ago.

Needs better camera angle

What map is that? Is it something from Episode 2?

Its a nice picture.
And better camera angle?
Shut up,its awesome the way it is.

lolz, I remember this from a couple months ago =P I guess you’ll be posting all of your pictures on here too? But Nice Picture, yet again I’ll Probably post the story I made for him on here…Maybe =D

Story!: He is a Man that is the last of the Advanced Squadron of military soldiers that went on a top Secret mission to Destroy the Aperture Science Labrotories and his entire team was slaughtered by the Turrets and he completed the misson and walked away after the Explosion, and when he arrived to this location, he had to fight along side with Gordon Freeman and he helped with the Magnusson Project (Top Secret) and when Kleiner asked him to go a Reconnaissance Mission, this is where it lead him

Not the Greatest Story but Whatever! Enjoy! =D

Higher resolution, smoother picture, too pixelated i think. I like it :smiley:

Turn up AA next time or anything else that needs turned up. Besides that, it is a pretty good picture. Posing seems pretty good and map choice is alright. I think the camera angle is just fine.

This. Down to every last word.