Man is tuxedo firing a Socom (edit test)

Hello !

I was bored and I wanna try photoshop so… Enjoy ! (Or not.)

So, what should I improve ?

EDIT : Man IN tuxedo firing a Socom.

All the smoke and positioning is good, and great camera angle. What I’d change is the map. To something with a little debris and garbage. But that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, thank you Cjmax :slight_smile:

For the map, I cannot find a good city map, so I took gm_bigcity…

Use filters too.

What sort of filters ?

great smoke effects.
mind if i edit this a little more?

Yes, you can :slight_smile: But show me the result :slight_smile:

Suit, not a tux.

Don’t forget, I’m french, so… xD

not much just a few filter effects, stuff like that.

Just looks like you upped the contrast and used the smudge tool really badly…

That’s not a tuxedo.

Why is he being sucked into a black hole?

The original screenshot is good, and the darkening added in the edit is good… But that blur along his right arm is ugly as hell.

I tried to do another edit.

I like the pose but the AA brings it down. The original editing was still cool, but I had to try :v:.

No sence of recoil at all?

Edit is meh, try like put some motion blur on the pistol and his hand.

Two words: Butt tuck. His ass is out a bit too far.

Resistance777 : I have a true Mk23 Socom, and if you’re well trained, you can stop the recoil.

With one hand? On a .45?

Even with a suppressor, I really really doubt that.

I require video proof.

I concur

Uhm, I fired a .357 with no problems…

Except i nearly got it in my head but else…