Man jumps out of a window

Pretty self explanatory.

Hate it, like it.

I was out of ideas and it was 2am… Sue me. :v:

(Toothpick is a friend of mine… The guy that jumps out the window is his personal skin that he made.)

Rated myself informative because I can.

Wassup with the no comments, babies?


It was pretty straight forward, not much to comment there :v:

Its pretty obvious even without reading the thread that you did this out of boredom in the middle of the night :v:

Best believe, to be honest it was just because I wanted to test out the HD function on youtube. :v:

It was amazing xD
You should make it when you jump of the windows to kill yourself it will be has an effect

Oh. Well in that case, a pretty awesome HD-test. More awesome than mine, anyways :v:

Baby I commented and subscribed, just because I love you like a brudda. :love:

Been smoking something?

That Hard core music Suddenly scared me D:

That’s how I like 'em…

Evil… Muffin-ey… And scared.

I fucking lol’d when the music came on holy shit

Why thank you Monsieur.

i’ll subscribe to you if you subscribe to me :slight_smile:

That movie sucked.

Thank you kindly, ma’am.


It’s a deal, baby!

An inspiration, just awesome.

ok subbed, awaiting yours :slight_smile:

I love you too, babe.