Man kills two creatures

Low quality?
Blood is bad.

Meh I rated a box.

Are those the things from Silent Hill?


He did not shoot he wait, and its from silent hill

I hope you can take crits now.

Low graphics,
No AA,
Posing is alright,
Blood looks quite good… Maybe a little darker.

Stop making excuses.
The picture is pure crap.

No it’s not, your a very bad critic, who’s maybe jealous because he has no posing talent, can you do better?
It’s not bad turn on AA, and it’s good.

Well, I say fuck these guys. We all start somewhere.

Your obviously a beginner or something, so we can’t expect something godly. The originality of the picture Isn’t all that bad, type ‘jpeg_quaility 120’ Into console if you want a really clear picture. The bloods quite good, It could be a bit thicker and darker, though. The blood marks doesn’t exactly match those of a pistol though, some bullet wounds would suit the situation a bit better.

Now I’m going to have a smack at Combine and Ubergamer:

Ever think he isn’t firing the gun you twat?

We’re not all editing powerhouses like Uberslug.

So you’re just gonna flame, no suggestions or constructive criticism?

You haven’t said anything Combine has said already.

So if you two twats took the time off from being absolute assholes (Not so much you Ubergamer, you said something constructive), and actually giving him some constructive criticism, he might improve next time and meet you damned standards. And rating a picture dumb because It isn’t good is really immature.

it’s good… i just wish the fog wasn’t pure white :confused:

All has been said mostly. I don’t think it’s that bad. One suggestion. When time comes for the big screenshot, just crank up the gfx of what your pc can handle. It doesn’t need to be fast.
And play around with Post Processing. Pictures can be improved drastically.