Man lights flare to be noticed by Military choppers.

*James’ Diary; August 22, 2009.

Charles died today. We were searching for supplies in the Dukes Tower, when a horde of those damn bastards found us after we had carelessly gotten rid of one loudly. Charles was bit sometime during the attack, he didn’t say anything about it until we were back to our makeshift home.

I had no choice. The damn infection was already changing him, I had to kill him. I had to kill my own damn brother.

A few hours later, just when I started to make a cup of coffee, I heard helicopters in the distance. Grabbing the last remaining flare, I started to look around. Soon they appeared and I lit up the ticket to freedom. One of the helicopters landed on the other side of my roof, after picking up any supplies I could take, we lifted off - the pilot didn’t want a corpse in the chopper, so I had to leave my brother on the roof.

When this all is over, I swear to you, Charles, your little bro is coming back. No one gets left behind.*

Nice story line. Gives depth to the picture.

Flares vurn and emmit smoke, white-ish smoke to be exact.
Could use that and more ingame lights.

Still liked reading the story, gave the picture depth as above.

It doesn’t seem likely that they’d live on a roof, they have a cold every weekday.

Its cool and all, but that just threw me off.

Gnome. Nice story.

Is the Gnome his brother?

The bloodspam on the billboard looks terrible.

That isn’t a billboard.

Pretty decent picture, awesome scene build, but it’s too bright and colourful.

The posing on the guy is bad and that’s not a scenebuild it’s just Bigcity.

Yeah but he put all the props there for the pose.

It’s the middle of the summer, plus they had sleeping bags.

His brother is barely visible behind the sleeping bags - he is covered with a white blanket.

Yeah, I know the pose is terrible, but I didn’t have the patience to redo it.

Looks like he popped right out of the pan.

I forgive the bad posing and the horrible blood because of the good intro story. And props will brighten up even the big city.

Kinda nice. I like the prop-placement and detail in the picture.
It looks like he’s holding the flare kinda from the wrong end though, if you get what I mean.
Massive blood smear on the billboard is a little odd.