Man of Steel (not of the Superman sort)

Well here it is, Robotic Stalin modelhack. Does not include any equipment or anything, just purely the ragdoll. He’s roughly a head taller than normal HL2 citizens.

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The rigging on the coat around the legs isn’t the best, there’s some inevitable clipping if you position the legs in certain postures, but that’s not really something I can do about unless I’d rig the coat to it’s own bones, which I to be honest can’t be arsed to do. The rigging is still vastly improved from the original rigging which was completely horrendous. The fingerposing is also inverted because I was too lazy to fix that, too. All in all, more of a novelty release than something that I poured lots of hours into. Also, obviously not rigged no valve biped so no playermodel or any of that shit.

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In Soviet Russia, robot controls you!

Holy balls…

I can’t click download fast enough. Fantastic job, Ilwrath.

Robot Stalin deserves a winner rating! Too bad i can only rate once.

Where you find Stalin head?


This is one of the most creative thing i have seen on facepunch.

must crush capitalism


Fucking awesome job here brah!

Someone needs to do a pose of him fighting Liberty Prime.

Oh god, hell yes!


That PTRS is his plinking rifle.

Fun fact, I was originally planning on making him the size of Liberty Prime, but figured a more “down to earth” size would be much better. He was also originally supposed to have eyeposeble mechanical eyes, but I kinda got too lazy and just went with glowing red ones.

I must have it! =)

Haha, that’s incredible. Great model.

Damn now we need a robot Vladimir Lenin to go along with Stalin

“I’ve come to feast with you, Don Giovanni”.

and a giant mecha-Trotsky, with icepick-removing action!