Man positioning himself on a roof top

A man positioning him self on a rooftop

posing is ok, but that’s about it, nothing special about it, nothing particularly bad about it either.

It wasent meant to be anything special just testing out my posing and the new models i got

Well, it’s a success then, because the posing is good, and the model is pretty good too.

Thank you

I dunno, crouch looks good, right arm incredibly uncomfortable though

how is it ?

it looks like he’s pushing his shoulder forward. which when I try isn’t very comfortable

that’s the model they stretch rather than move

Yeah, the knee, Right Bum, and the arm all have EXTREMELY stretched textures, which makes me hate the new model…
ain’t that from America’s Army 3? Why do games like COD4 and AA3 have graphics barely up to Par with a game as old as CSS?
Oh BOTH knees are stretched. BTW is he like fixin to shoot a frog or what?

Those are the old PMC models, the AA3 models are WAY better.
Also, do you have a bad graphics card or are you just blind because CoD4 and AA3 look WAY better than CSS. Have you played either games or are you just going off of how the models look in GMod? Just sayin’.
CoD 4:

How they look in GMOD
Yes COD4 iS generally better graphics but when it comes down to the models…not so much
Yes I did play both of the games. AA3 has a missing texture error, bloom you can’t turn off, and everything is so blurry that it looks like I just took 10 shots of Patron.

I’m sure AA3 would look good IF they could ever get it to work without crashing.
Developer FAIL!

Indeed. Didn’t they fire the whole team cause they didn’t think 4 million people would get the game…Or …Something like that… I think it was Goldenbullet who had told me that.

Hes proabably going to break his arm because of the recoil plus you strech an arm that long. Anyways if you have a bipod, the second hand isnt needed.

His left arm is upside-down!? Has anyone noticed that? His thump is like on the left side when it should be on the right side.

Edit: My mistake. I’m left-handed and I was thinking about holding it left-handed. But, it does look as if his arm is upside-down while you used the soda can trick on his hand to flip it. Could be the angle.