Man powered roller?

With the removal of the infamous half block many people including myself are starting to think how the hell am I going to find a piece of flattish land to build on? Well my answer to the problem would be to implement some sort of old school roller (similar to the ones they use on cricket wickets) they could have it so the land can only be levelled by a certain amount say 1.5m, this would make it easier for not only the large clans to have nice well built based on perfectly flat land. What’s everyone’s view on this?

Wrong game dude, this will never happen in this game the map generation system does not allow for changing the terrain. Have you noticed that explosives don’t leave craters! You can’t dig holes you can’t make basements and you can’t flatten the map. These are basics that would require them to start over yet again and that’s never gonna happen

not a bad idea; that said, they looked into voxels for terrain deformation and deemed them unsuitable for rust, so it’s unlikely to happen quite like that.