Man prepares to slit the throat of a Security Officer, after finishing off two others

Testing Bloo’s awesome new models.

C&C etc.

Poor vault peeps :C

Cool. Kill those bastards. :fuckyou:


Ah, the metropolice strike again.

The metropolice?

Son he’s a rebel.

D:!!! Vault 101 security

Haha, the black guy died first

Actually, the asian died first. He’s closest to the camera in the bottom left.

Okay, he’s a rebel…

Disguised as a metrocop!

haha! Vault Tec

Nice pose an all Taggart, but god damn you made me reinstall Fallout.

This all started when goddamn dad taught you to kill innocent Radroaches…

Don’t blame Liam Neeson.

“Oh my God, Amata’s boyfriend what have you done?!”
I like the posing, angle. A picture that doesn’t need much blood, it’s like “PSHYCO” in the shower, let your mind do the work.