man shooting some zombies


edit it if you want


nice blood effect

lol man.

Bit bland apart from the stairs, but nice.

u neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a horde (lol horde) of zombies trying 2 get him

What’s so funny about the word horde?

Work on muzzleflash.

Picture needs moar zambeez!

Anyways nice and btw the “man” in Louis :smug:

I Love It.
Thats so great.
Nice Work.

I like the colors!

Blood is pretty cool but the muzzleflash needs work. There’s too much saturation and contrast in the colour-scheme and the camera angle makes no sense… it’s hardly focusing on anything and there’s far too much wasted space. Posing is good.

I tryed to make it like he just shot it thats why the gun is up witch is why the flash is gone and all that is left is the smoke

He’s gonna die.

/b/tard meme not even ytmnder’s laugh at.

Looks cool, but please remember the names of the characters when you make the title.

I believe he was hinting at it being someone ELSE killing some zombies instead of just saying “Louis”.

Tf2 blood doesn’t actually look that bad on this picture haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

yea once I installed tf2 I couldn’t get the old blood back is there any way to have both?

i dink dis is a cwl drawiN

But everyone knows it is Louis, so kinda makes it… uh…

I think L4D is a pretty cool guy, He goes in and shoots Zombies and he’s not scared of anything.