Man shot another man and now looks deep and epic

Moar editing practice, this time it’s the blood, gun smoke and the lighting. I even edited in the cheesy word Vengeance :v:

I think instead of “man” you should have put Niko Bellic, seeing as that is a model of Niko Bellic.
The posing is good, the blood’s not bad either, but I doubt the gun would be smoking still, unless he shot the guy and quickly put it on the railing to look deep and… epic.
On second thoughts the blood looks a little silly, did he rub his head on the wall a bit before dying?

I wanted it to look like he kinda slid down a little spreading blood over the wall. I have no idea how it looks in real life, so I just made it on how I think it looks like.

I have my blood experience from TV, movies and my imagination.

Maybe you don’t see enough gore in the media?