Man shot in the stomach, by some assface.

Test. C&C.

That assface. Who shoots a random unarmed man? :butt:

Looks good. Should’ve added like the leg of the assface to add more drama to it.

the bald guy in the striped polo is not having a good day

Its a bit to dark to see the blood, May i ask what you are doing to add the blood? Im testing myself just now to try and do blood and muzzle flash pictures. Just wondering what others do for it?

Much appreciated!

nice pic

No he has not. First shot in the head, then in the stomach.

It’s a little too dark to see the blood
I think it might have been improved if you added the guy who shot him or his shadow.

Other than that it’s good

I imagined the title literally.

Looks nice, a little to dark but nice.

Thank you.

ITs quite good, lil dark though.

Did you mean this?


Assy Mcgee

it is not easy to tell he was shot in the stomach, though this is mainly because there is no indication of this other than the title. there is nobody in the screenshot shooting him, nor someone walking away with a gun, or a gun on the floor. nothing to suggest he was shot other than your word.


for all i know, he could’ve been stabbed.

:c00lbutt:. Hey at least he was a badass!